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Complete Hose up andĀ Hose Management

Our trained and qualified Technicians provide hose installation services as well as hose management services where they will measure and record all hose assemblies information like tag number, date, working pressure, length and type of end fittings and providing you with a comprehensive hose registry for all your hose information.




Hydraulic Tubing andĀ Piping

We provide comprehensive hydraulic tubing bending, routing and installation services both in our workshop as well as on site. We do turnkey hydraulic tubing installation complete with pressure testing and flushing to NAS standards.




Flushing Service

The service life of any hydraulic system or equipment largely depends on the quality of the hydraulic oil but the presence of contaminants in the system is also a crucial factor. Therefore it is very important that hydraulic systems are flushed before brought into service.
Relianz Offshore provides flushing service to help maintain and prolong the life of your hydraulic system and equipment. In house reports or 3rd party Lab reports will be furnished after flushing.